Alrighty, so you clicked on the About link because you’re all like ‘wtf who is the chump’ so I’ll tell you a bit.

Up until recently I was living the American dream.  27 years old with a BS in Biology about 30k worth of student debt and no decent job to pay it back.  I wiped ass and baby sat grownups to fulfill my societal obligations and lived comfortably in my rut.

It was pretty terrible.

But I then got pretty lucky.  I am married to a wonderfully beautiful woman who’s basically allowing me to do what ever the fuck I want with my life.  Her job moved us here to the great(ish) state of California so of course I’ll just decide to try acting because why the fuck not.  Fuck stereotypes and cliches.

Long story short, I’m attending an acting class taught by the great John Ruskin.  I’ll write at length about this later on but at our first meeting he told me that regardless of whether or not I enjoy acting or am even good at it that this class will change my life.  I’d have to say that he wasn’t wrong so far.

So here I am writing about it to you just in case something big happens.  You never know.

OH, yeah, I like video games, MTG, comic books, most nerdy shit.  I played sports in HS so I still would love doing that but I’m flabby and out of shape so I haven’t in a while.  Uhhhhh…. oh yeah, I’m married. In case you forgot.  My wife’s pretty dope, you’d probably be jealous.  We have two fur children that meow and shed a ton.  Ones bulimic and the other shits on the floor every day.  No complaints.  My favorite book is Ready Player One, you should read it.  Should be a movie soon, if only I could get in on that… #dreamcometrue.   And yeah, that’s all I got for now.  Deuces.


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