It’s a new day

So I’ve decided that I need to make some changes.

I thought I would take this blog and make it funny and clever and use witty metaphors or whatever but fuck that.  I don’t need something witty and clever in my life, I need something that pushes me forward and keeps me honest with myself.  A person I knew once started me on this path by calling out my excuses and I am forever thankful, it’s been years in my head and now I need to make it actions instead of thoughts.

I need to make some goals and plan how I want to precede fulfilling said goals.  This may end up being boring.  I might not have readers or fans or followers or tweets or likes but this isn’t for you.  This is for the universe, so I can hold myself accountable and say honestly ‘I fucked up’… or not.

Maybe this will end up being a record of struggles and triumphs (hopefully), I want it to.

Let the journey begin…


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