I feel like blogs are myspace for adults. Except this trash is way harder to navigate and customize. I was 15 and stupid and I could customize the code on myspace but this ‘theme’ crap is just frustrating.

I honestly dislike blogging and writing in general but hey, I’m fuckin’ bored.


The business

So today I’ve realized that I have done pretty much nothing in life.

Of course that’s not really true, I’ve done things, but not enough.  I’ve never really tried very hard at anything I’ve done.  Sometimes I think it’s something with my brain, that I just get bored and distracted too easily or I have ADD or some dumb shit.


I just haven’t worked hard.  It’s the truth.  And it hurts.

I have a combined total of over 12 months /played time on WoW.  Of my 27 years in existence roughly 26 of them have been filled with life and one with a video game… and that’s just one game.  Among thousands.  That’s sad.

Now I’m not saying ‘I quit all video games forever because their the devil, muhahaha’. Nope.  I’m really only play Dota2 now and I’m not even that great at it but I love it and it’s a ton of fun when it’s not frustrating as fuck but I digress.

Back to the business.

Today a person in my class (I’ll fill in the blanks later) told me this interesting bit of advice that he had acquired recently.

That you are the CEO of yourself and your life and body is a business.

Now that’s not exactly revolutionary to a lot of people I would assume, but to me the is fresh and kind of eye opening.  If I were to look back on just this past week as a CEO of my life, I would file some kind of injunction on myselfs old CEO and start an investigation.

Now to put it into a little more perspective, the person whom told this to me is going places.  This guy impresses me to the point where I am embarrassingly envious of his life.  His work ethic, his attitude, and his general view on life.  I can see why he’s going where he’s going and I am thankful for being able to have this opportunity to compare myself with him and see how shitty I’ve done thus far.

Perhaps I will get the courage to thank him in person someday, but for now I need to focus on not dropping this momentum.

So, here I am.  The new CEO of this lazy, mushy, semi-depressed business.  And here’s what I want to do with it.

  • Find a job:
    • Part time to get some money to help pay for the rest of what I want to do.
  • Get SWOL
    • Seriously, I need to hit the gym.  I’m 27 and I feel like I’m 35.
  • Be a better actor (yup, actor, in LA, go figure #stereotype)
    • Improv internship, headshots, etc

So far that’s what I got.  I’ll update as I progress and add as new things come up.

Thanks for keeping me honest world.



It’s a new day

So I’ve decided that I need to make some changes.

I thought I would take this blog and make it funny and clever and use witty metaphors or whatever but fuck that.  I don’t need something witty and clever in my life, I need something that pushes me forward and keeps me honest with myself.  A person I knew once started me on this path by calling out my excuses and I am forever thankful, it’s been years in my head and now I need to make it actions instead of thoughts.

I need to make some goals and plan how I want to precede fulfilling said goals.  This may end up being boring.  I might not have readers or fans or followers or tweets or likes but this isn’t for you.  This is for the universe, so I can hold myself accountable and say honestly ‘I fucked up’… or not.

Maybe this will end up being a record of struggles and triumphs (hopefully), I want it to.

Let the journey begin…